Product Updates

QuickBuy offers, first-time home buyers and customers switching camps

QuickBuy offers

Through our partnership with Moving Station, the company behind the QuickBuy program, you can enable your bot to convert iBuying opportunities right on your website.

When a customer mentions that they have a property for sale - and if your company offers the QuickBuy program - your bot can ask the customer if they are interested in receiving a cash offer on their property.

Here's how that looks like:

QuickBuy leads

This generates a new type of opportunites for you and your agents, and shows your customers that you are able to accomodate all their needs and be competitive.

First-time home buyers

We're adding a new qualifying data point. The bot is now asking customers who don't have a property for sale, if they are a first-time home buyer and shares this additional information with your agents.

First-time home buyers

This serves 2 purposes:

  • providing your agents with more context when it comes to the new customer, and
  • paving the way for first-time home buyers specific nurturing campaigns coming out in the following months.

Opt-in options for customers who wish to switch camps

We're aware how sensitive it can be when a customer is working with a competitor agent. That's why we make sure to qualify each lead by asking if they're working with one. We now have the ability to add extra lead routing and qualification capabilities in that specific use case. Here's an example when a competitor customer inquiries on an IDX listing:

Customers switching camps

The goal here is to:

  • save your agents time on unqualified leads, and
  • helping you snatch leads from your competition when they are not satisfied with your their service.

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