Old marketing is new again

Old marketing is new again

Pierre Sabbagh
Pierre Sabbagh

Cookie-based advertising is dying out.

As a result, remarketing as we know it, will simply stop working.

Cookies are tiny bits of data that get stored on your machine when you visit a website. They are then used by advertisers to target you across the web.

This form of marketing is not performing like it used to, anyhow.

Why? Because 70% of mobile devices aren’t accepting cookies.

This means that remarketing doesn’t really work for the biggest chunk of your target audience, mobile users.

And this will only get worse.

Google recently announced that they will be blocking third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022.

So it's just a matter of time.

How would this affect my business, you’d ask?

The advertising tools that you are using today, like your social media ad platform, will become less effective.

Technically speaking, these tools won’t be able to tell new visitors from returning ones, hence you will end up paying for the same user twice.

Your current marketing metrics will be skewed, and the ROI won’t be there.

So what should I do?

Change the way you think about marketing, by flipping the funnel upside-down.

Switch over to people-based marketing.

People-based marketing is the approach to targeting each individual across all devices, browsers, and apps. It’s essentially the result of creating individualized profiles for each visitor.

Think of it like you would with customers in your brick-and-mortar store.

It’s personalized for every visitor, meaning that you can track everything that a visitor liked or interacted with.

How do I get started with people-based marketing?

Initiate permission-based marketing by capturing emails.

Own the customer, build a niche, and create real profiles on real people.

Then individually target them across every device, platform, and application.

And most importantly, personalize your marketing to each one across the board, from web, email, text to offline.

This builds trust, drives brand loyalty, increases referrals and yields far better results.

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