Take a second to reflect on the following…

Why is communication with a business so different from how two human beings — like you and I — communicate with each other?

It all started when we began treating online website visitors as leads and not humans.

We became so obsessed with gathering email addresses that attending to the needs of our website visitors became secondary. Take a look at how frustrating it is for a website visitor to have their question or inquiry answered:

Contact Form Submission
(Source: Drift.com)

Why do we (businesses) make it so complex for people to get in touch with us and ultimately become our clients?!

We spend so much on time, effort and resources ($$) to get people landing on our websites, only to leave them with a form to fill out, and the promise that we will contact them back sometime in future, if ever.

The team at Roof.ai did a study where we measured the lead response time of 50 of the top brokerage firms in the US. We found out that 88% of those real estate brokerages failed to respond within 5 minutes.

And 40% never responded.


Given that 5 minutes is the optimal time window to convert a lead, it is safe to say that many brokerages are leaving money on the table.

It is not that you do not want to respond to the new leads — it’s that you can’t, for the following reasons:

  1. The tools we are using do not allow us to respond in real time.

  2. We do not have the time to reply to every inquiry.

  3. We do not have resources dedicated to responding. Even if we do, they can only handle so many leads.

  4. We do not want to reply to all our leads.

Don’t worry though, this is all about to change for the better.

At Roof.ai we are developing a smart chat platform that makes it easier for your website visitors to become your lifelong clients.

What is Smart Chat?

Smart chat is a combination of live chat and a real estate bot.

Smart chat

Roof.ai handles real-time conversations that happen right when a buyer or a seller is live on your website. It is at that time when they are the most engaged, so why not start a conversation right there and then?

We do not believe in replacing your human sales reps or ISAs (inside sales agents). We believe in empowering them to bring more value and close more deals. Roof.ai’s technology guides your visitors through your website, accompanying them until they are ready to talk to a real human.

Let me tell you how the issues mentioned above are solved with smart chat.

Stop Relying Solely on Contact Forms

I am not sure what type of leads prefers filling out forms instead of having a one-to-one conversation, but think of a chat widget as adding a second net to capture "leads” on your website.

It is easier and faster to reply to an inquiry through a widget than it is through a contact form. The image presented at the beginning of this post shows us how complicated of a process form submission is.

Referring back to the lead response time study we conducted, only 6 out 50 brokerages replied within a 5 minute window. And they were all able to do so because they were using a chat widget on their website.

Having the right tools in place is necessary to implement an effective conversation marketing strategy.

Your Real Estate Bot is Up for the Task

You don’t need to be “online” all the time. You can’t be. You have a million other things to do.

Moreover, not all leads are created equally. Some are ready to jump into action right away, others might be browsing or checking out your brand.

Now, you can delegate tasks to your real estate bot. The bot will be able to automatically vet the leads for you and engage with them until they are ready to talk to you.

You can now be instantly responsive 24/7, 365. Which will ultimately reflect positively on your brand.

Actually, in a 2017 consumer report by Zillow, it was reported that being responsive is one of the top factors that buyers or sellers look for when deciding which agent to work with.

Factors to look for in a real estate agent
(2017 Zillow Consumer Report)

Work with your Best Leads

With Roof.ai you will be able to respond to the inquiries you get through your real estate website. However, you can leave it to your real estate bot to do the tedious and time-consuming task of pre-qualifying leads.

Your bot will not only free up your time, but also give you control over who are the best leads you want to work with. Instead of qualifying each and every lead yourself, your real-estate bot will guide your website visitors through pre-qualifying questions that will serve as indicators of how warm each lead is.

Roof.ai’s bot will capture contact information, schedule showings, book meetings, connect leads with local experts and route leads to the right person.

Here’s what the new funnel will look like:


Implementing smart chat on your real estate website is simple. It doesn’t require more work on your part or more software to learn about. We’ve designed Roof.ai to be a “hands-off” solution that works autonomously and demands very little intervention from you or your agents.

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