Messaging is gaining traction fast, really fast.

In fact, according to Facebook, 59% of people across 14 markets, are saying that their messaging habits have increased over the past two years. Moreover, as a means of communication, messaging is ranking among the top.

Why do people like messaging that much?

Well for some, it allows them to express themselves more openly. Others like the conveniency of replying whenever they deem is the right moment.

Many have argued that messaging is rising only within a certain generation, the famous millennials. The numbers however, tell a different story.

“60%+ of millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers prefer to message than call or send an email.” —

People have expressed that messaging has improved their lives. How? It made their communication simpler, more ongoing, more frequent, and more thoughtful.

The future of messaging for businesses looks promising too!

“67% of people expect to use messaging apps for communicating with businesses.” —

“53% say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.” —

The more convenient and accessible the business is, the more value it creates for the customer. Customers look for conveniency, staying up-to-date, and making payments when using messaging apps.

Users are more likely to care about, to trust and be more positive of a business that allows them to get in contact through messaging.

“More than 1 in 2 people say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message.” —

In the real estate business, people tend to interview only one agent before choosing which one to do business with (according to Zillow). With that said, differentiating yourself and bringing immediate value through messaging can be a game changer.

Messaging can be integrated throughout your sales/marketing funnel as follows:

At the consideration stage: People can ask real estate questions (trends), or ask about inventory (listings availability). Agents can automate sending clients messages on special occasions (staying top of mind).

At the conversion stage: People can schedule visits, check listings, and/or place offers through messaging.

At the connection stage: Agents can provide feedback, implement proactive reminders and/or ask for referrals. Clients can also share comments about their real estate experience.

What does this mean for you?

  • For one it means that you have to seriously consider messaging as a main channel through which your leads/clients are going to contact you or you contact them.
  • You need to identify where in the real estate process messaging — with the benefits it brings (speed, conveniency…) — can be integrated to support your business goals. Not only that, but also where it can improve the way people experience your brand and bring value to them.
  • Through messaging you can find ways differentiate your brand with the language/tone you use, including visual language (emojis, photos, GIFs).

Embrace technology if you want to scale your business. Whether you want to fix your response rate or increase your conversion rate “look to bots and automation to unlock the magic of messaging at scale”. —