The way people communicate with each other is changing.

Think about how you spend any given 15 minute span during your day. Are you holding your cellphone? Receiving or sending a message? Probably!

Messaging is the way people now want to communicate, not only with each other, but also with businesses. Is your business adapting to this change?

Your customers no longer want to fill out static forms and wait, for hours or even days, to get in contact with you. The new generation of consumers desires to find whatever they are looking for without any delay or deferment. This kind of instant gratification is becoming a standard expectation.

Yet many real estate brokerages still rely on outdated tools to communicate with potential leads.

What if you had your own real estate (virtual) assistant working for you on your website and Facebook page, 24/7, that could:

  • Capture, engage with, and qualify your buyer and seller leads
  • Enrich those leads with valuable data insights that would help you get to know who those leads are
  • Match buyers with listings
  • Start the selling process with potential sellers
  • Schedule visits and appointments for you

That’s exactly what Roof Ai enables you to do! With Roof Ai, you can utilise your own personal real estate chatbot to connect you with the potential leads who are visiting your website and Facebook page.

It’s time to abandon the outmoded approaches and become more relevant to today’s consumer!

Here’s how Roof Ai works: